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Calling for all children to have access to a textbook in the main subject areas.

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“In an extraordinarily short time publishers in the UK have responded to the evidence from around the world on the educational importance of high quality textbooks and we are seeing the emergence of world-leading materials and accompanying staff development. The evidence on high quality textbooks is compelling, and leads to support, not undermining, of high quality teaching.

“Supportive to teachers, pupils and parents alike, the emergence of a new generation of high quality materials, based on international evidence, represents a huge step forward for schools in England. We had fallen behind the highest performing systems in terms of both the quality and use of textbooks; with the recent intense evidence-informed development work by publishers we are pushing right to the front of educational practice.”

Tim Oates, Group Director of Assessment and Research and Development at Cambridge Assessment and former chair of the National Curriculum Review

“A text book is the second best thing that a student will need to help support their learning in any subject. We need students to be independent learners and this will help them achieve this skill so that by the time they go to university they are instinctively reaching for a text book to help support their further academic learning.”

Dr Nilima Modha, Science Teacher at The Compton School

“To read is a gift more powerful than can be imagined - to access your subject with accessible and well-written textbooks opens up worlds of possibilities! As a secondary school leader of Religious Studies I fully support this campaign”

Gerry Cohen, Secondary School Leader of Religious Studies, Whitefield School

“As a textbook writer for OUP and Harper, I realise importance of high quality books in classroom.”

Andy Lewis, Assistant Head Teacher and Director of Religious Studies at St Bonaventure’s

“I believe textbooks are essential and every child should have access to them in the main subject areas.”

Laura Puente Martín, Associate Lecturer at the Open University

“High-quality textbooks have long played a vital role in a teacher’s toolkit, alongside hands-on and digital resources, and there is strong evidence from teachers and research alike that they can make an significant impact upon a child’s education. Given the current real-terms cuts in education funding, it’s crucial that schools are still able to afford the resources they require to drive up standards of education in the classroom.”

Caroline Wright, Director General at the British Educational Suppliers Association


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The Textbook Challenge is a campaign calling for every child to have access to a textbook in the main subject areas.

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