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Calling for all children to have access to a textbook in the main subject areas.

Textbook Challenge Campaign facts

Textbook usage

According to the 2011 TIMSS survey, only 10% of teachers in the UK use textbooks as the basis of teaching maths compared to 70% and 95% of teachers in Singapore and Finland.

The OECD’s 2015 global school rankings based on maths and science at age 15, ranks the UK in 20th place behind Singapore and Finland, which are ranked in 1st and 6th place respectively. Research by school curriculum expert Tim Oates suggests that the low usage of textbooks as a basis of teaching in maths is a contributory factor in England’s poor performance in maths compared to Singapore and Finland.

Textbook funding

An independent survey commissioned by the Publishers Association shows that funding is preventing teachers from buying more textbooks, despite them saying that it helps improve pupil attainment and reduce their workload. Nearly half (45%) of all teachers say funding impacts their ability to use more textbooks, with over half (56%) of secondary teachers saying that funding has an extensive impact on their ability to purchase textbooks.

Pupil attainment

The survey showed 90% of primary teachers and 98% of secondary teachers believe that textbooks boosts pupil attainment. Despite this a third of primary school teachers and 10% of secondary school teachers said they make no use of textbooks.

Reducing teacher workload

The survey also showed that 59% of teachers believe that using textbooks would definitely help reduce the amount of time they spend planning lessons. Only 5% of teachers responding to the survey said that textbooks would not reduce the time they spend on lesson planning.

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The Textbook Challenge is a campaign calling for every child to have access to a textbook in the main subject areas.

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